T-Bars for 2021

Hello Friends; Greg here. just wanted to showcase our 2021 T-bar for you all! T-bars were the first product we ever made, before we even knew we were TSI yet. One of the first DIY custom parts in scootering, and still the high standard of handlebars to this day. hard to beat a well made, reliable chromoly T-bar.

When Thomcat started making T-bars in the early days, he would use tubes cut from scrapped high end bike frames... Pretty crazy, right? We've come a long way since then. I can remember some of my friends when I was younger, getting bars MIG welded together at auto shops. Sometimes the crossbar wasn't even the same material as the steertube. Complete with janky slits cut using a hacksaw for the now antiquated 'Internal Compression System', which required you to use a starnut inside your bar, instead of your fork, and running a long bolt through your fork into the bars. Be thankful we went through these early technologies and learned from them for you. Those days were rough, I can tell you that.

But it's 2021 now, and we've got the handlebar making process 110% down. So we decided to bring back the old, faithful, T-bar to our line-up. 100% handmade from 4130 Chromoly. Perfectly balanced tubes, keeping lightness & rigidity in mind. Cut, coped & welded right here in Oregon. We wanted to keep the pricepoint low without cutting any corners, to deliver you the best possible T-bar we can. I do believe we succeeded. Try some for yourself, let us know what you think!