Flowmaster 3: Anniversary Edition

$ 90.00
In April of 2009, Casey Corning and Matt Thom built 4 prototype TSI Flowmaster decks. They took these prototypes to Renton, Washington to compete in the semi-annual scooter competition, Cooter Con 7.  
22.5” X 5.38
  At this time, scootering existed completely on modified Razor & offbrand scooters; aftermarket components were a fairly new occurrence. It was obvious the Flowmaster deck was going to be a huge success, and the scooter world as we knew it was about to change.
  Inward Scooters had a table at the contest, with all of the new Eagle Sport scooter wheels.  These wheels included the Hep Greg 125mm; we knew we had to have some. Metalcore wheels were a rare commodity, and the Flowmaster was equally as rare & necessary. Greg offered to send KC some wheels in return for a Flowmaster after the contest. This was the catalyst for a life-long bond that still exists today.
  After returning to Portland, Trick Scooters International was formed. TSI built 8 production Flowmaster decks in the first run, releasing them at the Action Sports Expo in Portland, Oregon. As the very first non-folding freestyle scooter deck to hit the market, Orders started pouring in. The community was in full support, and word spread quickly on message boards. Flowmasters were shipped around the globe; from Australia to Estonia. 
  Its been 10 years now & Matt Thom, Greg Cohen, and KC Corning are still striving to take scootering to the next level. The dedication, diligence, and determination can be seen in all that they produce. 
 To commemorate our passion for this rich history and love for what we do, we are releasing this limited batch of Flowmaster decks. The FM3 holds its’ tried & true original geometry, but boasts some modern luxuries such as the Integrated headtube, press-in spacers, and 22.5” X 5.38” dimensions.
 TSI has continued to manufacture in the USA for our entire life as a company, while only existing as a small niche brand in such a large & saturated market. Our dedication through good times & bad is a direct reflection of your support as a community, and we thank you all.