The Threshold deck has earned its stripes as the most versatile deck ever created. Whether you're locking 5050's down hubbas or pumping way past coping in parks or vert ramps, the Threshold thrives off of the abuse. 

     Designed by Hep Greg and released to the public in 2012, the Threshold was created to be an extension of the rider, not a flashy spaceship for kids. This deck was made with the older riders in mind and we stand by that, there are no gimmicks with our design, just exactly what is needed, where it is needed. Nothing compares to the feeling of balance on a Threshold. Your grinds will never be the same again.

  The Threshold is available in 4 sizes, 20.5"21"21.5" HammerHead, and 22".

All of the Thresholds share these same specs, minus the weight of course.

  • Integrated Head Tube
  • 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Heat Treated to T6
  • 4.5" Wide Boxed Extrusion
  • Only 3.1 lbs (20.6")
  • 24" Radius Concave
  • FlexFender made from Spring Steel (fits up to 125mm wheels)
  • Grade 8 Axle Bolt
  • Integrated Wheel Spacers
  • Welded with the highest grade welding rod (4643, used by Boeing on jets)