Name: Nick Toigo

Age: 20,

Location: Bend, OR

Riding Since: Dec, 2001

Rather go high or go far: I can't really decide, cause' I  like to integrate the two the most!

Favorite thing about scooter riding: I love how technical you can be with a scooter, on and off the ground, while the whole time going pretty much as big and as fast as you want in a controlled manner.

Least favorite skatepark: I can make fun almost out of anything! But there is a horrible park in Eugene, OR that I would never go back to. Basically a snakerun and cheese grater concrete. Not my thing.

Best place to travel and ride: I used to love going to the Cootercon events at Skatebarn. Clairemont YMCA skatepark is a lot of fun to travel to and ride as well. There is Granite skatepark on the way there, probably the best park I've ever ridden.

Someone who keeps you motivated: The whole Rad crew for sure. Such OG killas keepin the real style alive to this day