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Name: Michael Hohmann

Riding since: Summer of 2010

From: New Kensington, PA

Best thing a cop has ever said to you: OINK OINK!

First part you broke: Ahhhhh the Scooterzone Viper bars! Snapped them on a bar flat. Flatland riding will get you when you least expect it haha.

Favorite time to ride: Nothing beats a solo cruise in a downton area. Day or night, they both have there perks.

Most scared you've ever been? Time for a scary story.. Alright when I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida we drove and the night before my dad got no sleep so the whole drive was just us swervin, bobbin, and weavin.  We actually ended up in 3 minor accidents the first day.  Worst road trip of my life hahaha. 

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