Name: Josh Rochelle-Bates

Age: 20

Hometown: Walsall, UK

Favorite English spot: I think everywhere in England has an element of charm to it, we don't have the best spots, but I think it just means we have to think outside the box and be a bit more creative.

Life Lesson that riding has taught you: Everyone has their own place in this world, and everyone has something to define them and make themselves of value/interest. Being myself and not compromising for anyone or anything is the most rewarding thing I have learnt to do, and I encourage others to do the same. 

Dream Riding Locations: I need to explore Paris more, when I went last year we barely scratched the surface. I would love to go to Copenhagen, or the East coast of the states and ride some of the Philly spots

Cure for the typical scooter kid: Longer decks, bigger bars, and giving a shit about being original and an individual instead of being the best.