Rail Hop

Name: Jona Humbel

Started Riding: June of 2010

Hometown: Largo Florida, currently living in Mokena, Illinois

Best way you've been kicked from a spot: I have a buddy with a rail planted into his yard in front of his house, and a cop came barreling in and tried to say we were damaging property, it took us like 5 minutes to get him to understand that the rail was there to be rode and that it was my buds house.

Funniest clip you've gotten: My first sack I got on film was pretty funny, I tried to tip toe the rail and ended up slipping and going straight to my sack pretty high up on the set, luckily there was grass on one side so I had a soft place to escape to. I also have a few funny rail bails floating around the tube.

Earliest Video Memory: Any of Jordan Jasa's old driveway videos, his videos had and still have a big influence on my riding, especially now a'days with filming/learning tricks both ways and filming them, thats became an obsession of mine in my last few videos, nothing better than a no push line with fs and bs tricks mixed in.

Dumbest Injury: Both Times I've broken my right ankle have been just trying something stupid at a skatepark, or dislocating my shoulder trying a rail that was way too gnarly for me at the time, now it kinda just pops in and out whenever, its too gnarly.