- History -

   The freestyle scooter industry has come very far, very fast. Only a few short years ago we were in the palm of either Razor or Micro but now there are brands from all over the world making professional scooter parts to push our sport along. There is one company that can be credited for being the catalyst for design and innovation, that refuses to compromise what they stand for and they've been that way since the very beginning. 

   TSI was created out of two separate ventures, KC Cornings "Trick Scooter International" and Matt Thom's "Renegade" in 2008. Between KC's inventiveness and "Thom Cat's" drive to create, there was a perfect storm for TSI to come to life. The worlds very first one piece scooter deck was created in April of 2009 and named the Flowmaster, it featured mountable deck plates of varying sizes and styles (with concave) and one other piece of scooter history, the very first Flex Fener which has become the standard brake design in the industry. TSI was a turning point for freestyle scooter riding, Razor scooters were small and rickety, the FlowMaster was big and solid, it was apparent that freestyle scooter riding was a reality and that we wouldn't bolt another folding mech again. From the start we have taken so much pride in our product and keeping it made in the USA. We're not about the money, we're about the riders.



Here is a timeline of events and photos that has lead to the TSI we are today

  •  2006 - Trick Kick Scooters was established by KC Corning  selling modified Razor Pro Models (Bar ends, skateboard griptape and bolted folding mech) from his workplace PartsForScooters.com in Florida   
  • April, 2006 - KC Returned to Oregon and Trick Kick Scooters ended  
  • Fall, 2008 -  Trick Scooters International was created by KC Corning while working with Trail Head Cycles
  • December, 2008 - Matt Thom establishes Renegade Scooters with Daniel Feldt and Alex Dorantes making standard size chromoly T bars
  • January, 2009 - First working model of HIC was displayed by KC at SD3. Although Cory Mosbrucker had the idea while in High Scool with KC, this is the first displayed model
  • March 2009 - KC Corning and Matt Thom combined Trick Scooters International and Renegade to establish TSI-Renegade.
  • April 2009 - The worlds first after market one piece deck was unveiled at CooterCon 7 in Renton, Washington along with the Thom Cat fork. The deck was 5" wide with concave and the worlds first FlexFender which was integrated into the deck plate at this time. 
  • May 2009 - TSI Renegade changes name to just TSI
  • 2009 - The FlowMaster is unveiled at Action Sports Expo in Portland, Oregon. 
  • 2009 - The TRON bar is introduced, an oversized T bar for HIC that would use bike crossbars with 5º backsweep
  • November 2009 - The TSI Snow Scooter (nicknamed SnowMaster) is created and tested by KC Corning and Matt Thom
  • 2009 - The FlexFender is changed to bolt onto the deck rather than be a part of the deck plate
  • 2009 - The FlowMaster received improvements including a double reinforced front plate and TSI's now signature scissor joint. This is where TSI stopped using "hollow hole" construction but sadly all other scooter companies adopted this is a standard.
  • 2009 - TSI added 4.0" and 4.5"  deck plate's, the Kukk Krusier (Madis Kukk's custom deck), the FreeStyler (81.5º deck) and the FixedFender/FootFender became available for special orders. 
  • 2010 - The FM-2 and FreeFlow decks are introduced with the first production of integrated headtubes on a scooter.
  • Febuary 2010 - The Scepter Bar is introduced, a two piece bar design where you may use any crossbar style you would like. 
  • March 2011 - The Flight deck is introduced in 19", 20", FreeStyler Model and the rarest of them all the Ghost Flight
  • April 2011 - The Hep-Tron bars are introduced, a oversized T bar with a central TRON gusset and a thicker crossbar 
  • March 2011 - The Pilot fork prototype was developed 
  • January 2012 - The Threshold prototype was designed by Hep Greg and Matt Thom but it was left unreleased until testing was compete 
  • November 2012 - The FlexFender SX was released with slotted mounting holes to fit more decks and wheel sizes
  • May 2012 - The Threshold deck was finally released.
  • September 2012 - The Threshold V2 is introduced using higher quality welding rods and extrusion modifications. The V2 has proven to be so strong we've doubled our warranty from 90 to 180 days.
  • March 2013 - TSI Integrated Headsets are released with a laser etched graphics
  • September 2013: The Hammerhead Threshold (21.5") is introduced with a flat nose area and new stronger internal fillet weld
  • March 2014: Standard size "Tron" bars are reintroduced 
  • April 2014: The 21.25" Travis House signature deck is released in his signature tan colour way and graphic.
  • May 2014: The TSI Sledge 5.0" is realeased

Professional scooters for scooter professionals 

Renegade Bars 2008

CooterCon7, from left to right: Daniel Feldt, James S, Alex Dorantes, KC Corning

TRON Bars / 2009

KC Corning in the early days for the TSI workshop

First version of the TSI Snow Scooter

Deck Plates 2009

The FM2 deck / 2010

TSI FixedFender

Ghost Flight 2012, one of only 20 ever made

TSI Threshold Prototype,  5" wide


Typical Bolted Razor Pro Model

Alex Dorantes holding one of the first TSI Decks

Prototype TSI Deck 2009

The Action Sports Expo where the FlowMaster was unveiled.  

Deck we had at the Action Sports Expo

KC riding the updated Snow Scooter Design

TSI FootFender

Scepter Bars 2010

Flight Deck 2010

Heptron Bars