The HammerHead was released toward the end of 2013 to offer something new in terms of shape to the Threshold. What makes it different is it's squared off "HammerHead" front end and T Plate. It isn't just for the looks either, it improves stability for tricks like Smiths, Noseblunts, and Crooks. The HammerHead was also the first TSI deck to be made with the stronger internal fillet weld to further it's life expectancy. The HammerHead is only available in 21.5".

  • Integrated Head Tube
  • 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Heat Treated to T6
  • 4.5" Wide Boxed Extrusion
  • 24" Radius Concave
  • FlexFender made from Spring Steel (fits up to 125mm wheels)
  • Grade 8 Axle Bolt
  • Integrated Wheel Spacers
  • Welded with the highest grade welding rod (4643, used by Boeing on jets)

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