Grabbing way over coping

Name: Dan Holm

Started Riding: Fall of 1999 - I've been riding for a while!

Hometown: Hudson, New Hampshire

Best Vert Ramp: Obviously Rye Airfield haha, but seriously I've only ridden a couple vert ramps: at Rye and the San Diego YMCA.

Favorite people to ride with: The SZ team, Jon Knudtson, and the Rye locals

Last really good crash: I got knocked out for about 2 minutes at Rye Airfield after a collision with a kid that was riding around the floor of the flow section while I was taking a run on my BMX. Here's my message to everyone: always wear a certified helmet when you ride, and don't drop in when someone is riding the park!

Rider (Scooter or not) that inspires you? I'm not really sure, I just do my own thing.