HammerHead Decks Released!

We are happy to annoce our HammerHead decks are available now exclusively on our webstore! 

  The HammerHead Deck may just look like a 21.5" long Threshold with a squared nose but there is a little more to it than that. There are a few things that really make the HammerHead unique, the first one being the obvious squared nose area, this improves stability with 5050's and Smith grinds drastically. The second feature is our new groove in the bottom of the "T" plate where you would Crook grind, the groove helps keep them locked. Finally there is one more feature but it can not be seen, it's a internal fillet weld beneath the T Plate which adds strength to the headtube. 

(Note: all of our new Thresholds from now on will also have the internal fillet weld and crook groove)
Visit our webstore and get yours today!