Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope it's a gnarly one and as safe as possible with no casualties other than our teeth. Around here we're doing great, everyday getting a little chillier and wetter but visions of SD8 are keeping us going.


Few updates here, we have profiles up for one of our riders français, Sinan! Also the UK lads are finally online Josh and Martin! Check them all out cause these whys are what TSI is all about and thats why they're with us!

Also we started selling griptape on our webstore. Classic Jessup tape that everyone loves with a TSI logo lightly sprayed on there just to keep it DIY. All of our decks on our webstore have an option for griptape now as well so you can get fresh grip in the same package as your deck. 

SR done an article/interview with Hep and Travis about the recent Portland x St. John's video which is well worth the short read and another watch.

Thanks again for all your support, it keeps us fighting the good fight with a smile on our faces.