TSI Sledge 5.0" Deck Details

If you've been waiting for a 5" wide this is the only deck that can satisfy that hunger. All new extrusion that is 5" wide on the top but tapers into a 4.5" wide grinding surface on the bottom. We have a new slightly curved T Plate design with the strongest welding we can offer. The deck will come in a few sizes, the first two will be a 21.25" and the KC Corning signature 21.75".


Raw decks shipping out 5/5/2014 exclusively from the TSI Webstore 

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope it's a gnarly one and as safe as possible with no casualties other than our teeth. Around here we're doing great, everyday getting a little chillier and wetter but visions of SD8 are keeping us going.


Few updates here, we have profiles up for one of our riders français, Sinan! Also the UK lads are finally online Josh and Martin! Check them all out cause these whys are what TSI is all about and thats why they're with us!

Also we started selling griptape on our webstore. Classic Jessup tape that everyone loves with a TSI logo lightly sprayed on there just to keep it DIY. All of our decks on our webstore have an option for griptape now as well so you can get fresh grip in the same package as your deck. 

SR done an article/interview with Hep and Travis about the recent Portland x St. John's video which is well worth the short read and another watch.

Thanks again for all your support, it keeps us fighting the good fight with a smile on our faces.

Matt Thom Interveiw + News

If you haven't read it yet take a look at Trendkill's interveiw with our bossman Matt Thom HERE It's a great read!


Also, we now have Thresholds and HammerHeads in white powdercoat on our webstore now. All of our decks on our webstore are the 2014 models so even the Thresholds have the new internal fillet weld and Crook Groove! Head over there and check them out, we ship internationally. 


Also have Thom Cats in Black or Raw and also 125mm versions if you never want to have to buy another fork again.

HammerHead Decks Released!

We are happy to annoce our HammerHead decks are available now exclusively on our webstore! 

  The HammerHead Deck may just look like a 21.5" long Threshold with a squared nose but there is a little more to it than that. There are a few things that really make the HammerHead unique, the first one being the obvious squared nose area, this improves stability with 5050's and Smith grinds drastically. The second feature is our new groove in the bottom of the "T" plate where you would Crook grind, the groove helps keep them locked. Finally there is one more feature but it can not be seen, it's a internal fillet weld beneath the T Plate which adds strength to the headtube. 

(Note: all of our new Thresholds from now on will also have the internal fillet weld and crook groove)
Visit our webstore and get yours today!

New Video

We released a new video with Hep Greg and Travis House, some Portland spots and some spots from back in Travis' hometown of St. Johns, Newfoundland. Give it a watch! Also added some photos of the TSI SnowMaster in the history section,  Dan Holm now has his profile up and Sinan's will be coming soon!

Thanks for all your support for TSI folks, we appreciate it more than you know! 

Few Updates

We added a small Videos page to the navigation bar with some videos from our team members. More will be added as we go on! Added a few more photos to the history page also and cleaned up some spelling.


Don't forget to check out our Webstore to see what we have in stock right now (Thom Cats, Pilot Forks, Hep Tron Bars, 20" Thresholds and 22" Thresholds. Hammerheads coming soon!

Welcome to the new TSI website

 Thanks for visiting the new TSI website! We are still adding things daily, most of our team have profiles, our products page is filled out and if you've ever wondered about our past the History page and timeline are there for the reading! 

  Some news from around there shop includes new 21.5" HammerHead decks which have a new internal fillet weld to make them even stronger. They will be available in about a week on our webstore exclusively! Can't buy them any place else! More photos and details coming soon!

Thanks for the support folks, what makes us TSI is the respect we have for the rider and you've given that respect back tenfold!