New 21.5" Sledge Decks Are Out

Yes that's right, we've made a Sledge 21.5" long and we gotta be honest here, it feels perfect. Unbelievable geometry and balance in this one if 22" is just a tad too much for you. They're only available in our "smoked chrome" powder coat which looks so damn good. It's like if the color "gun metal grey" and his mistress Madam Chrome had one hell of a weekend and 9 months later our color was born...In smoke.

Downtube Stickers Now Avaiable

So you have a Travis House signature deck but the sticker graphic has faded from the sun or been waterlogged from riding in the rain? No sweat, we got replacement ones on our webstore now. Selection includes stickers from the Travis House, KC Corning, Shred Sled and Threshold.

Also, a quick note that we'll have our headsets back in stock next week. These are top quality headsets, fully sealed cartridge bearing, black anodized cap with our logo and extra shim spacers for fine tuning.

Congrats to Team Rider: Christophe!

  Choco is the man, not only does his riding look effortless but he can also pull out his balls for the big, goosebump producing spots when he needs to. We know we're lucky to have him repping us so hard in France! He just recently won the ScootMag photo contest that has been ongoing thanks to your votes and we just wanna send out a huge thank you to everyone who helped him (and photographer Jeremy Suchet) get the win!

Congratulations to you both!

Free stuff with stuff

If you're living in the part of the world that actually gets seasons then you're probably pretty bummed on the weather right now and it seems like a ride-able day is still so far away. Hang in there, this too shall pass. If you'd like to torture yourselves even more we're running a few promotions to tempt you into that new deck you've been dreaming about for the summer. Help us help you:

  • Buy a deck from us, get a free "cuz I'm a cat" shirt and TSI patch
  • Buy some bars from us, get a free TSI patch
  • Buy a Thom Cat Fork (on sale $35% off) and get a TSI patch
  • 20" Shred Sleds are on sale or 15% off
  • FlexFenders are on sale for 15% off

You can browse our handcrafted wares on our webstore! Also, if your local shop doesn't carry TSI, you should mention it to them or send us their email/phone number so we can keep spreading the best decks and bars globally.

Instagram Contest (23" or shorter)

We know, your bars suck.

You bent them throwing your scooter last year and couldn't really afford some new HepTrons,

it's okay, we do it too, but if you happen to ride 23" (58cm) or shorter we have some we want to give away! Free Hep Tron bars for the best Instagram photo submission with the hashtag #whyineedbars and bonus points to a little description of why you deserve em! Tagging @tsiscooters helps, also tattoos really help...


Good Luck


TSI Sledge 5.0" Deck Details

If you've been waiting for a 5" wide this is the only deck that can satisfy that hunger. All new extrusion that is 5" wide on the top but tapers into a 4.5" wide grinding surface on the bottom. We have a new slightly curved T Plate design with the strongest welding we can offer. The deck will come in a few sizes, the first two will be a 21.25" and the KC Corning signature 21.75".


Raw decks shipping out 5/5/2014 exclusively from the TSI Webstore